For 2020, I’m still trying to avoid acquiring more fabric, and sewing my stash. I really need to set myself some specific targets, so that I can see when I’m achieving this, because my stash never seems to get any smaller!

So, for 2020 my goal is to sew from stash for my first 5 makes. No fabric shopping until I have met that goal, but fabric swaps are allowed (although at the moment, I don’t think there will be any meet-ups where we can do any swaps). If I do meet the 5-makes-from-stash goal, then I can 

This table helps me keep an eye on Works in Progress (in Bold), which can sometimes get accidentally forgotten!

Le Stash de 2018


No Fabric How Much?  Notes  Plans Acquired
01 Mexican Pink cotton jersey   Bought from Ebay WIP – I used this to toile a dress. The toile isn’t wearable, but I think I can salvage a skirt from it. 2014
02 Duck-egg blue viscose jersey 3m x 152cm FC Fabric Studio WIP – 100 Day Dress 2017
03 Light grey cupro 1m x 148cm The Man Outside Sainsburys WIP – Skirt cut out, but it doesn’t work. I think it can be fixed/ upcycled. 2017
04 Maroon poppy print viscose 2.1m x 145cm Tissus du Renard WIP – dress 2017
05 Burgundy viscose 2m x 145cm Sew Sew Fabrics WIP – Shell top 2017
06 Red/black silk/cotton blend 1.4m x 115cm Bought in Hong Kong silk district, in 1992! A-line skirt 1992
07 Black dress jersey  1.1m x 145cm Quite heavy, drapy crepey. Bought from Fabricland. Swapped 2012
08 Zebra print textured chiffon 2m x 145cm 2012?
09 Green/black crazy swirly cotton 1.4m x 145cm + scraps Bought from Fabricland Shell top 2013
10 Black cotton twill 1.2m x 150cm Bought from Fabricland 2013
11 Black/pink/ turquoise viscose 2013
12 Teal cotton sateen 0.65 x 145cm + scraps Fabricland dress
There’s some left, enough for a skirt
13 Blue/pink denim 1m x 150cm Bought at Ditto, Brighton Straight skirt 2014
14 White cotton lawn 2m x 150cm Bought from Ebay 2014
15 Ivory/black stretch cotton sateen 2m x 150cm Bought from Fabric Godmother Jiffy dress 2016
16 White fake fur 0.5m x 120cm Bought from Ebay Winter hat!!! 2016
17 Turquoise flower print polycotton (?) 4m x 115cm Fabric swap 2016
18 Purple border print cotton  2.6m x 150cm Fabric swap 2016
19 Aqua floral jersey 2m x 145cm  Fabricland  Top 2016
20 Massive red floral print ponte 2.75m x 145cm The Textile Centre  Dress 2016
21 Chartreuse sixties print upholstery fabric 1m x 260cm? Saeeds, Walthamstow Jiffy dress? 2016
22 Black/white/ lilac poly satin 3m x 140cm New Fabric Store? The green shop, Walthamstow 2016
23 Navy/pink floral viscose 3.7m x 148cm The Textile Centre 2017
24 Hot pink viscose 1.5m x 145cm The Textile Centre WIP – peplum top cut out 2017
25 Black dot floral stretch cotton 0.6m x 136cm The Man Outside Sainsburys 2017
26 Heliotrope silk jersey 1.4m x 150cm The Man Outside Sainsburys 2017
27 Dark grey chambray 1.6m x 149cm Saeeds 2017
28 White viscose satin 2m x 152cm Fabric Store 2017
29 Pale blue trellis viscose 4m x 140cm More Sewing 2017
30 Grey/mauve Floral cotton lawn 0.5m x 145cm Tissus du Renard Shell top
Rest swapped
31 Pink Floral sateen 2m x 145cm Sew Sew Fabrics 2017
32 Pewter lycra 1m x 145cm Sew Sew Fabrics Used for Yoga pants, still enough to make leggings 2017
33 Black/white/pink African wax print 6m x 90cm(?) Cobb Street, London(?) 2017
34 Navy soft-touch jersey 3m x 150cm FC Fabric Studio 2018
35 Deep pink soft-touch jersey 2m x 150cm FC Fabric Studio Dress 2018
36 Dark violet jersey 1.6m x 150cm FC Fabric Studio Top & skirt 2018
37 White cotton jersey 2m x 150cm + scraps FC Fabric Studio 2018
38 blue yellow print cotton 2.15m x 145cm FC Fabric Studio 2018
39 red/brown cotton 3m x 150cm FC Fabric Studio 2018
40 black & white pebble crepe 2.4m x 150cm FC Fabric Studio 2018
41 White/teal stripe jersey 3m x 150cm Sewisfaction 2018
42 Teal ponte 1m x 150cm Sewisfaction 2018
43 navy/cream slinky jersey 1.5m x 150cm Sewisfaction 2018
44 Cactus jersey 2m x 150cm Tissus du Renard 2018
45 Teal/green jersey 3m x 150cm Tissus du Renard 2018
46 Purple velour 2m x 150cm ??? Was in costume stash 2012?
47 Black/white big floral jersey 2.5m x 150cm Fabric swap 2018
48 Rose print ponte 2.5m x 150cm Fabric swap 2018
49 Black dotted jersey 2m x 150cm Fabric swap 2018