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The 100 Day Dress – A Sorry Update

The idea for the 100 Day Dress was that I would hand sew a little bit of embroidery each day, and after 100 days (calculated carefully to fall on 31st December 2017), I would have it finished. Sadly, the annual hibernation of the sewjo hit, towards the end of November, and it became harder for me to sustain that plan. As at right now, it remains an Unfinished Object, that’s been looking very sorry for itself, on the top of the sewing pile.

However, I have decided that I can still make this thing work, as a 100 Day Dress Project. All I needed to do was count the number of days that I *didn’t* work on it in 2017, and that would give me that number of days “in hand”. It would still be a 100 Day Dress, just not consecutive days is all. The sewjo is returning, thanks to my latest Simple Sew Blog make, which I should be able to reveal shortly.

So I’ve gone through my phone pictures, checking dates and times, and it looks like I’ve got 28 days available to finish this project (yes, December was a very poor show).

I have got most of the dress pieces done, there’s maybe a third of the front to complete. I’m pretty sure it’s feasible to get it all finished in the 28 days I’ve got. I’m off to make myself a little tickybox grid in my journal, so that I can count them down as I use them!

Part of the Work In Progress


A 100 Day Dress

I decided a while ago that I wanted to start a long term project, something that I could do a little at a time, each day. I’ve seen people’s 100 day projects on Instagram, and I liked that as a structure for my project. My first thought, inspired strongly by Tiny*Stitches*Miri, was embroidery on a garment. I thought about upcycling/refashioning, but in the end I settled on an Alabama Chanin inspired new make, though I’m not going to claim it’s proper AC style. I want it to have some embroidery, some appliqué, some reverse appliqué, some beading/sequinning. I don’t imagine for one moment that it will be elegantly stylish, because it’s going to have so many bits of everything, and it will all be a bit random. But hopefully the colour scheme will pull everything together, and it will be interesting to look at.

I’ll be using the pale blue jersey from FC Fabric Studio which I bought in the Spring, and the Shannon dress pattern, as I didn’t want to have to mess about with a new pattern. I’ve bought a number of embroidery silks for this project, but everything else will be from stash (there are a LOT of blue beads in the massive bead/sequin stash).



This all starts at the weekend, on Saturday. If I’ve done my maths right, the 100 days will be up on 31st December.

I’ve set up a dedicated instagram account for this make, with the idea being to record every day’s progress.