Wardrobe Architect – #3

I am in avoidance mode. I’ve got the chiffon top that needs finishing, but it’s being a bit of a chiffon diva and I’m ignoring the problem for now!

It’s week 3 of the Wardrobe Architect and this week is WAAY easier. It’s looking at the shapes that we feel good wearing. I tried to complete the worksheet fairly quickly, so that my responses were instinctive and visceral. Looking back at my responses, it looks like I love a natural waistline, for skirts & dresses, and I love a full skirt or a straight/pencil skirt, way more than the in-between versions. I favour a knee-length skirt but when it comes to trousers, then it’s full length or slightly cropped only, ain’t nobody going to see me in shorts!* When it came to cardigans (and I was including jumpers in that) I’m pretty easygoing, medium-loose fit is my worst bugbear, and even that was merely a neutrality, I didn’t actively hate it.

The one big surprise about things I do actively hate was maxi skirts & dresses- I know many people who love ’em, but personally, long dresses are for balls and dance costumes, not for real life. The only other thing I detested was crop tops.

I’m looking forward to the coming weeks, when we get to consider proportions, colour, textures, details, beauty, and style signatures.

Wardrobe Architect

* Actually, out there in facebookland, there are some photos of me wearing red disco short shorts for a 70s inspired bellydance number that I did at dance summer school a couple of years back. They should be on a private group, but I’m well aware that there’s no true privacy on the interwebs. Thankfully I am slightly disguised by a red afro wig.


5 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect – #3

  1. I do love me a maxi dress. In summer the right one is so cool and with temps in the 30s Celsius we need them. Great to be sorting out what you really want.

    • Ha! The English summer is more temperamental than the Australian one! I can certainly appreciate maxi’s in other people, but they just don’t appeal to me. I *think* it’s because I have reasonably shapely ankles and calves and I’m all in favour of showing off whatever attractive attributes I’ve got, so I like a dress/skirt length that allows the lallies to be seen!

    • I was just trying to analyse why I don’t favour a maxi dress personally, in my reply to BeaJay above. But I’m always happy to see anyone rocking a maxi with style and confidence.

      • I understand! I do not favor shorts. I would rather wear a skirt or dress or pants — there is something about shorts that I dislike (Although I want to make the Tania Culottes since they look like a skirt!).

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