Wardrobe Architect #4 – imaginary shopping

Arrrggghhhh!!!! I’m really struggling with the WA this week. We’re supposed to put together outfits based on our answers to last week’s exercise on silhouettes. This post is going to tell you more about me than about the clothing I love.

Ploughing through all those online images to try and find one or two that fit what I’ve got in my head is Freaking. Me. The heck. Out.

I hate shopping. I do believe I’ve mentioned this before. That includes online shopping. And shopping for totally imaginary purposes is no better. However I try to narrow down my search, however I’m refining my descriptions, the internet just puts a whole load of clothes in front of me that won’t work for me, which is very much my personal experience of shopping in real life. It makes me frustrated and stressed.

I hate shopping

Even the clothes that I know would work on me don’t look right when I put them together in a collage because they’re totally in the wrong proportions for me, since they’re advertising photos, and therefore don’t depict my size or shape. I can create outfits on Polyvore to my heart’s content, but they don’t make me think of *me*. They have no relationship to me.

This experience is making me feel bad about myself, and making me feel very stressed.

I’m not particularly a visual person, I’ve always been more about the words than the pictures. Maybe other people are having a ball working on those images, but personally I don’t need to choose online pictures to illustrate what I think. It’s enough that I’ve got those pictures in my head. The only way I can imagine being able to complete this week’s exercise would be if I drew those outfits myself. And even then, I’m not at all sure that it’s helping me to identify my personal style any better  than the description of those silhouettes from last week’s exercise, which to be honest was far more useful to me than this one seems to be.

So… since this exercise is making me feel so bad about myself, and since it is not actually helping me to define anything more specific about what I like to wear, I’m going to excuse myself from it.

I feel better already!


7 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect #4 – imaginary shopping

  1. Just laughed out loud at your Venn diagram 🙂 don’t worry about the exercise. Maybe the whole process will bring you closer to an idea of what your style is?

    • I’m ok with my style, I know what I like and the exercise from last week was very confirmatory, and gave me a clearer idea of how strong my tastes are for the things I like, and what lines I’m more meh about. This week’s exercise doesn’t really add anything to last week’s for me. Other than crossness, of course!

      I can claim no credit for the Venn diagram- I googled images for “I hate shopping” and this one leaped out at me! It’s the Truth!

  2. I love the venn diagram too, can’t abide clothes shopping myself, never have enjoyed it. I’m glad you abandoned the process if it was making you cross – you have a strong style, your makes really suit you. I feel cross on your behalf that this made you feel bad about yourself. Really looking forward to seeing what you make next Bea 🙂

  3. Ha! Well all this Pinning and Polyvoring is just leading me to the conclusion that I’m happiest in jeans and a sweater, and have a boot & scarf fetish. Maybe I should choose another hobby?

    • I’ve been following your pinterest, and you’ve got some cool outfits there!

      I really admire those whose artistic abilities are good enough that they can draw their chosen silhouettes! That makes it much easier to create a visual that they can relate to personally.

  4. I just read through the WA exercise and I totally get why you are frustrated. I couldn’t have done this either. Isn’t this clothing/sewing business supposed to be fun?
    You did the right thing excusing yourself from it 😉

    • It’s clearly been fun for most of the participants. Me, not so much! But it’s been interesting to see how other people’s styles have crystallised.

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